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This section should answer some of the questions you may have with regards to the services and capabilities that we have to offer. If you can't find your answer here please contact us or post your request to info@webstart.co.za

> Do you also design personal sites?
Yes, we will design just about any type of site from a single personal home page with a picture of your favorite fluffy toy and a copy of your CV right up to a fully fledged commercial site telling the world about your great goods and services.

> I don't live in Pretoria, can you still design a site for me?
Yes, there are no borders in cyberspace. If you wish to have a site designed just contact us and we can discuss your requirements via e-mail or phone instead of having a face to face consultation. Thereafter it is just a case of sending any physical material such as photos, brochures etc. via e-mail, post or courier.

> I need an update done to an existing site. Can you help?
Yes, if for some reason you have a site that was created some time ago and now needs some changes made, we will gladly do this for you.

> Can you include video in my site?
Yes, if you have a promotional video showing your goods and services, as many companies do these days, we can add it to your site in several formats for downloading or as a streaming real video and audio for the entire world to see.

> I want to add a database on my site, what do I do?
We will assist you in this more advance web creation. Send us your details and we will contact you as soon as possible to find out exactly what you require.

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