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Some of our services include but are not limited to the following:

> Graphic Design
> Design of Posters or Brochures
> Design of Business Cards
> Cloud Backup Services

Our pricing for these services are all negotiable. We would like you to contact us so we can give you a free quotation and consultation if necessary.

Design of Web Sites

Small Sized Web Site (i.e. 5 pages)
Establish a presence on the World Wide Web, with this basic package. It forms the foundation to which the following packages can be added, or left as is for the small business enterprise or an individual. webSTART provides you with a wide variety of additions and enhancements to promote your specific needs.

Medium Sized Web Site (i.e. 10 pages + customized online form)
An extension of the small web site, this package is ideally suited to promote your business on the Web. As this could be your start to a web based enterprise we will assist you with various recommendations that will give you the exposure you need on the World Wide Web.

Corporate Web Site
Ideally suited for companies / corporations that already have made an impact and want a strong presence on the Internet. Your web site will be a smooth continuation of your business, featuring a significant level of content and various options for your online business partners and clients. We can assist you in promoting your online business with a variety of additions and enhancements to your site.

Create Your Own
All the options above can be customized to your specific needs, no two customers are the same and all customers have specific desires. At webSTART you will get the personal attention you deserve, we will not force you into a mould that does not suit your needs. You tell us what you desire in a web site and we will comply.

Users like fast pages!
> and leave pages when the response times exceed the average tolerance of 7-8 seconds.

Graphics are good and bad!
> the art of designing web usability lies in finding a good balance between text and complementing images in order not to compromise download times.

Reading from the screen is difficult!
> which is why users scan pages rather than read them. Loads of text is overwhelming and as far as web design is concerned, undesirable.

Users hate it when they get lost!
> which makes intelligent multi-navigation features a crucial part of web design.

They never come back!
> today's web users are unforgiving and once upset about the features and/or bad usability of a web site, they are gone for good.

All our web sites are custom designed. We will meet with your company to create a unique web presence for you. We also ensure that graphic elements do not clutter the pages, and do not take too long to load over slower connections. webSTART builds web sites that load quickly, orient the user and get results. Simple and straightforward when they need to be, complex and engaging when they want to be. Our approach to developing web sites is a carefully structured process that has evolved over many years. We work with each client to create and maintain a professional web site that is appealing, functional and effective.

Website Hosting

All our web site hosting is done through an external internet service provider. We prefer to use them for all our hosting and but don't make any money on the hosting services. If you however decide to host your site at another company and still want us to design the site for you, this can also be done.

The company we use for all our hosting services is Interexcel.

Here are some of their information:

Tel: 012 346 1685
Fax: 012 346 2516

® webSTART - your potential is our passion
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